Kya Hua Iss Baar ( What Had Happened This Time) ?
Mumbai: “To claim Moral Victory at the cost of your reputation is stupidity”

Ravi Shastri slammed Indian team's critics for not giving the team due credit for saying ““We always believed we could win. Very few people saw it, but we could have won both those games’.( First and third test).

To say that this Indian team fought well in the just concluded gruelling 5 Test series in England might sound honourable and claiming a moral victory. And seek empathy on those lines is utter stupidity.

Honourable and Moral victory it must have been and the team must have put up a fight, but it was a defeat, after all.

Now that the long and hard gruelling Test series is over, it is time to ponder from “Kya Hoga Iss Baar” (What would happen this time) to “Kya Hua Iss Baar”( What had happened this time).

In the contemporary world of competing sport there is no space for “Moral Victories”, It is either you win or lose.

There are no applauds for being so near yet be on the losing side…Silver is not won, but the Gold is lost.

Either you are victor or the vanquished or everything else is bravado.   

No introspection on this series, however, can hide the fact that India’s preparation was more arrogance than being poor; it took two Tests to get adjusted. By then the series was nearly over.

However the team Captain and the Coach coin their statements in introspection, India lost yet another series here, which it could have won hands down.

It was in line with the traditions of the Indian teams’ performance away from home. As in the past, when the entire Indian fans could expected for in away series was a fighting draw or honour in defeat.

The present Indian team was like that gorgeous heroin in the Bollywood movies, when she is beautiful she is beautiful, but when she is raped, she is meek.

The series loss to England adds to the long list of setbacks away from home.

Kohli’s men arrived in England this summer as the world’s No.1 Test team, and believed they had the mettle to outdo the hosts.

But, this famed team was shamed struggling against swing and seam, with an experienced English attack ruthlessly exposing the famed stars’ batting paucities.

Performing under pressure, being ruthless is what separates great teams from good ones, but Team India proved they are No.1 Test side only on the paper.

Kohli and his coach might claim they are champion material, but they have a long way to go.

The Team would now return home, with the same sense of disappointment, the same regrets, the same what-ifs.

But there is also something to be said for performing under pressure, for seizing the smallest opportunities, for being ruthless: it is what separates great teams from good ones.

It is where India has failed.

Shastri garuu! Silver is not won, but the Gold lost.

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