KCR - Back To Square One
Hyderabad: “Sometimes the politicians seek the people to sacrifice their senses in exchange of sentiments”

Now what happens if a politician’s self-preservation instinct causes him to not care that the 'voter' is gullible?

The above question was the focal point of K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s (Popularly known as KCR) election campaign.

Of late, KCR seems to be singing “Nothing’s changed I’m still the same, Old habits die hard” (a stanza from Eric Burdon’s “Til your river runs dry”).

Very often, a Politician’s obsession to a particular discourse becomes a crutch that he leans on, letting that aspect of the part overshadow his entire politics.

KCR is one such kind of politicians who draws an atom of just a single element to cause a fusion in his election campaign that should rank among the most fascinating, but disgusting to the core ever to emerge from the whole gamut of Telangana politics.

While he does not hesitate or even feel guilty even once in clutching to his obsession to do his politics, he is just as effective in conveying a politician’s amorality, unethicality, absurdity and insecurity.

KCR is king of all he surveys in the gambit of Telangana politics.

He is a tremendously gifted politician, who uses his chameleonesque talent meticulously to sway the people’s opinion in his favour.

He is a politician with many faces, a creature with a steely grit, capable of vileness, yet in possession of very politician’s vulnerabilities, still yet capable of openly displaying the foulest of his actions with such casualness that it is impossible not to laugh and at the same time feel disgusted.

The manner in which KCR switches from one narrative to the next to the next, without deviating from the only obsession that he is well versed with is a sight both to behold and to bemused.

Watching and Listening KCR addressing the so called “Praja Ashirwada Sabha” he appeared to have sending an impression that “Nothing’s changed I’m still the same” and that his so called “Bangaru Telangana” mantra river is dried.

In other words, no water from the “Mission Bagirath” is flowing and he feels insecure to ride back to power on his four years performance narrative.

And, therefore, he had to come back to square one and depend upon the “Telangana Sentiment”, the only plank that he is excelled ( or Obsessed) with to manufacture the support from the voters in his favour.

Once again, he had been falling back on the same old logic that he effectively exploited to sustain Telangana movement.

The only difference is that he has re-packaged Telangana Sentiment as Telangana Self-respect or hatred for anything that is “Andhra”.

In trying to be stereotypical on Telangana sentiment, he appears creatively disabled, as if he lacked confidence in his performance for the last four and half years to bank upon.

His reverting back to Telangana sentiment narrative is a reflection of his insecurity over the prospects his party at the hustings.

Reverting back to his familiar terrain of selling Telangana sentiment to the voters is testament that he is either overestimating the strength of Congress-TDP led Grand alliance, or..

.. Feeling the pressure of seeking an early mandate, or…

…not relying on his welfare and development projects.

His campaign, particularly targeting Chandrababu Naidu, a leader in any which way, had become politically irrelevant in Telangana, and even invoking fears among the voters that if the Grand alliance is voted back to power it might lead to re-merging of Telangana into AP etc. is clear case of display of insecurity.

 Regardless of his claims on surveys predicting a sort of one sided war in favour of TRS, public antipathy towards sitting MLAs had forced him to revert back and rely upon his old gimmickry of whipping up anti-Andhra hatred.

The result of his efforts to rely upon the same old logic of Telangana sentiment might sound politically entertaining or “Whistle Podu” moment, on a flip side, it is a quietly observant tale reminding us that however convinced the voter may be, the voter could outsmart KCR’s ploy.

Having said the above, the question remains whether KCR can weather the tide of anti-incumbency by whipping anti-Andhra hatred than with the strength of his populism.

Regardless, the addresses at both Nizamabad and Nalgonda meetings opened up what KCR has to beguile and convince the voter to vote for him in the run up to the Election Day.

But, it takes a nutty, unfettered politician like KCR to put his faith in this nutty, impertinent script of reverting back to the only Mantra he excelled in.

As it happens, the Telangana sentiment and KCR, the nutty politician, are made for each other lending an air of poignancy to his political journey and nostalgia to his kind of politics as a whole.

 If you plan to follow KCR’s campaign, make sure you have the liking for all kinds of expletives so that you do not feel disgusted and be a witness to the kind of “Emotional Hatyachaar” that he attempts to indulge on the gullible voters.

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