The Telangana Voter Is In Confusion
Hyderabad: " In electoral politics, what is important is to spread the confusion, not to eliminate it"

Circa 2018, the Telangana sentiment is no more, nor the then mood and the temper of the people  "To vote for KCR,  for once, this time" is also there . 

In other words, the voting trend of the people would be no more on the lines of 2014 voting.

There's churning in the minds of the Telangana voters with majority of them feeling betrayed that this was not the Telangana they aspired.

That does not mean the voter is completely decided  to unseat the present TRS government, nor there is a positive sign in favour of voting for the Congress.

This isn’t to say the voter won’t be voting for Congress , but, certainly a good number of them  would vote against TRS.

It does not take time for moods  to change in electoral politics, provided there is a strategy and commitment to change them.

The KCR wave, for instance, was already evident by the end of 2013 and by 2014, KCR meticulously sealed it in his favour, leaving the Congress stunned and in licking its wounds.

But, four years down the line, enough has been debated  on the autocratic, corrupt, family rule of KCR  (including whether it is one at all), which the Congress has been focusing all its firepower on, and the jury is still out on whether this has popular traction.

Some, including the Congress’ main strategists believe that it is, which explains the campaign the party has been organising on the subject. 

Others believe it isn’t.

That leaves what Congress has new to substitute KCR's regime, and other issues related to the economy, including the agrarian crisis, the let down by the oppressed sections and the lack of jobs.

There the Congress could find a narrative in them,  if it  wishes to. 

There is a consensus among the people, particularly among the youth and subaltern sections that Telangana is in the midst of Socio, economic, political transformation crisis, and has been ever since they achieved Telangana and put all thier hopes on Telangana with high expectations.

On the other hand , KCR is confident and  believes that he has done enough to address and to fulfill the aspirations and to implement promises he made to morph Telangana into a Golden Telangana.

But the voters are divided on two aspects:

The adequacy of KCR's efforts and whether four years were enough time for people to feel better than they do right now.

Failure on the front of jobs, fulfilling various promises made to the upliftment of subaltern sections, which have been agitating the minds of the voter.

KCR's  aggression in stirring the aspirations in 2013 and 2014 contrasts starkly with the Congress’ approach now; 

its attempts to raise these issues seem half-hearted or appear bankrupt of strategy.

The party has reserved its firepower and intensity only  for so called Family rule of KCR.

In politics, especially where elections are concerned particularly in the backdrop of resentment among the people that feel betrayed, the medium- to long-term has about the same electoral utility as arguments about stirring emotions, albeit in telling them how they were betrayed.

Then, there’s the issue of jobs — there simply aren’t enough being created. 

There’s enough there to create a compelling political narrative surrounding the people's betrayed aspirations , even if the opponent is trapping you in  the web of anti-Andhra sentiment.

Which is why the KCR's strategic thinkers must be cheering every time the Congress holds a press conference attacking it on anything on Family rule but on what it has to cure the wounds of betrayal of aspirations.

Congress needs to build no election campaign, but a movement that needs the people to recall once again that famous Ballad " Bandi Venuka Band katti".

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