PK: Politics is Not “Action” under someone’s direction
Amaravati: Politics is no “Lights, camera and action” type activity that can have many takes before it is perfected.

The Greek God Zeus had the cornucopia, the goat’s horn which supplied never-ending nourishment. Draupadi had the Akshaya Patra, from which she produced an endless amount of food for guests visiting the Pandavas during their forest exile.

Pawan Kalyan, the Tollywood power star turned politician (has he), possess something similar for every problem- “I will react after understanding the problem”, and as such he always remains on “Fact-finding Mode” and projects himself as a perennial “Prober”, not being constant, but ever appearing confused on what exactly he was probing.

The only thing that he is not appearing to be self-probing is- “what exactly his and his Party “Jana Sena’s” role in AP politics is?”

Barely four and half years back, backed by the faithful media, Pawan Kalyan, (the then star campaigner of CBN, and not the Leader of Jana Sena), with Narendra Modi standing tall alongside him, had successfully sold the idea of “Politics of questioning” .

He went to the town that CBN’s tenure, with the support of Narendra Modi and time to time questioning by him on deviation from the promises, if any, would change the fortunes of the people who were wretched by the alleged foolhardy decision of the Congress (read Sonia Gandhi) to bifurcate the state.

Neither CBN’s tenure changed the fortunes of the people nor Modi was seen bailing out the state from its miseries as he promised nor Pawan was nowhere to be seen questioning both CBN and Modi for their follies.

Thus, he himself remained a “Big Question” turning into a paradox on what exactly the objective of his politics through the platform called “Jana Sena”?

Years of staying in the limelight, of being paid handsome remuneration for movies in which all he is required to do is to act characters that require some dancing moves and punch dialogues without rhyme or reason, and after supposed to have helped the TDP-BJP combine to score electoral dividends, he hasn’t yet reasoned and clarified on his role as a politician in the emerging political narrative of AP politics.

In the present day changed political scenario, Pawan had announced that his party would contest in all the constituencies in the state, a deviation from his stand when he first founded his party in 2014.

Despite such confident decision, Pawan appeared to have let go of the many opportunities that came his way since 2014, to emerge as a major force in the state.

Vacillating between grease painting to real time political acting, he failed to engage himself in enough leg work to be in a position to challenge himself a force to reckon in AP politics.

Instead, he is being looked with suspicion as being a pawn in the whole gamut of hard core political conspiracies of the state.

He allowed himself to play a role of a Trojan horse to divide the anti-incumbency vote.

It is being rumored that said CBN had schemed him as a “political diversion” and also to fire from his shoulders against both the BJP and the YSRCP, since CBN is facing anti-incumbency that might see him confining to the opposition benches post - 2019 polls.

Think of it, Pawan continues keep Jana Sena which he launched amidst lot of hype and expectations, in a confusion mode and his Pawanism a complex ideological puzzle and instead, he appears satisfied to continue allow all the rumors that he is acting on behalf of the TDP Supremo to dent the prospects of YSRCP.

The recent reports that he is getting closer to CBN for a possible alliance with the TDP consolidate such doubts over his role in the gamut of AP politics.

In AP, as of now YS Jagan, the Chief of YSRCP has been making all conceivable efforts to emerge as an alternative.

But, there are legitimate questions over whether YS Jagan can deliver true governance in the state, considering the bag of corruption charges he carries and his recent overtures with KCR whom the people of Andhra label as a symbol of “Anti-Andhra” interests.

At the same time, by appearing to be soft on BJP and Modi, Jagan has been sending feelers that he might have post-poll alliance with Modi.

Thus, the people, though, throng in numbers to listen to him is yet decide on whether to trust him.

Thus, there exists still a remote chance of a political space for Pawan and Jana Sena to emerge as an alternative, as both the TDP and the BJP are fast losing their credibility for having failed to fulfill many of the promises they made.

But, Pawan’s campaign, so far, has done little to inspire the people on what his and his party’s role in the ongoing narrative of the AP Politics.

Critics say he is being opportunistic—having failed to speak up over the last four years, he has come out of political hibernation only when Chandrababu began to prepare himself to play the victim of BJP’s apathy and neglect towards the state.

But, that also not to consolidate himself and his party as an alternative, but to give authenticity to the conspiracy theories that he is just a creation of CBN’s politics and that he is there to dent the chances of YSRCP to help CBN retain his power.

What, instead, Pawan must be questioning himself is that celebrity status is not an automatic ticket to political success.

It is up to him to provide a credible political alternative to the voters who are keenly watching the developments and dispel all the conspiracy theories that he is Trojan horse deployed by CBN.

With the people beginning to doubt the credibility of both Chandrababu and Modi and YS Jagan still not placed himself of being an appealing alternative for a large percentage of the electorate due to his recent proximity to the Anti Andhra forces, the space is open for Pawan Kalyan in the AP political landscape.

People of AP are open to give him a patient hearing — it is now up to him to make it count, instead of availing his time on sending confusing signals on his role in AP politics and appearing on playing scripted role in the wily direction of Babu.

It  is time to prove  he proved that ‘ His Thikka has a Lekka” ( that there is method in his madness).

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