Data Theft - YS Jagan Walks Into The Trap
  Hyderabad: “You can choose your politics, but you can’t choose its consequences”

Recall, the much hyped and politicised “cash for vote” shock which forced Chandrababu Naidu(CBN), the self-acclaimed “Chanakya  of Telugu politics”, scared by craftiness of KCR, to flee from Hyderabad empire to seek refuge in the safe havens on the banks of Krishna river in the would be built “fantasy fortress” of Amaravati.

KCR has now announced a sequel of that political tamasha by ordering raids on an IT company, IT Grids offering services to TDP alleging Data Theft.

Following the raids and subsequent action by the Telangana police, both KCR and Chandrababu are locked in an intese politcal war.

KCR and his TRS claimed that this IT company, which maintains TDP app Seva Mitra, had sensitive information pertaining to people of Andhra Pradesh which it illegally obtained from Andhra Pradesh government sources, a charge Chandrababu Naidu vociferously refuted.

The TDP calls this episode a nexus between Modi, KCR and Jagan to prevent Chandrababu Naidu from coming to power.

Thus, the battle over data is simultaneously fought both on government and political levels, with YS Jaganmohan Reddy said to have taken the side of KCR in supporting the charges of Data Theft by the TDP.

In the resonance of the nocie of alleagtions and counter-alleagtions, YS Jagan, a pepetual politcal novice, seemed to have ignored the fact that “When the mighty quarrel, the humble pay the cost”.

YS Jagan appears to have walked into the trap of KCR’s pretending to be aggressive and offensive against CBN, in implementing his so called “Return Gift Politcs”, by supporting and taking side of TRS in the ongoing war on Data Theft.

He might pay a huge cost, as this wrangling between KCR and CBN is set to intensify as the polls draw near, and the emergent narrative may in some ways inform and shape the voting preference of the AP voter .

As thigns stand KCR is all set to adopt more aggressive and proactive posture as part of his return gift politcs against CBN resulting in a scenario, at which the 2019 elections in AP could be more a contest between KCR and CBN and a first instance of a contest between the ‘ Anti- Andhra” vs “Pro-Telangana” forces, relgating YS Jagan on the side of “Pro-Telnagan” forces.

It is all set to boildown to turn CBN, the Victim, while KCR, YS Jagan, Modi etc. are  making the mistake of publicly shaming CBN, forgetting that the man soaks in the humiliation and feeds on disgrace to work wonders to build his stock in the public eye.

If CBN, with his forty years of political experience can build a vicitm narrative then attacking him with pejoratives like “Data Theft” with the help of KCR, the Anti-Andhra symbol, would boomerange on YS Jagan.

YS Jagan seemed to have willy nilly walked inot the trap set by KCR in the form of return gift politcs against CBN.

The emerging narrative in 2019 elections in AP would be similar ot that of just concluded Assembly elections in Telangana,in which KCR meticulously used the Congress and TDP allaince to pent up Telangana sentiment to his adavantage.

As the Return gift politcs of KCR vis-à-vis Data Theft allegations intensify, there is danger of the Andhra voter being influnced to treat YS Jagan as a canon of KCR that was let loose against CBN, the Champion of interets of Andhras.

It is time YS Jagan began to introspect on-

- what was the interest fo KCR to indulge himself in AP politcs?

- Why are KCR and his gang of TRS leaders overreacting on Data Theft, which is unlikley to affect the Telangana interests?

- Why is he giving an impression to the AP voters that he is in collussion with KCR to defeat CBN?

Experts believe that it is going to be huge challenge for YS Jagan to effectively explain the AP voters on why he sought KCR’s support, as this coordination is not a people oriented endeavour, and whose only aim is to defeat CBN.

People know both the leaders(KCR and Jagan) have in the past bitterly opposed each other and their coming together now is purely for electoral purposes without a definite development agenda, particularly, when KCR is seen as a symbol of “Anti-Andhra” interests.

Analysts feel that by shaking hands, in developing a “Data Theft” theory, with KCR who carries a negative perception among the people of AP, Jagan has given CBN a much needed breathing space to turn the tables on him.

KCR, on the other hand must realize that CBN is no Uttam Kumar Reddy or listless TPCC leadership and Andhra is no Telangana.

Hence, it would be better for him to stop hyping and boasting on his “Retrun Gift” politics.

Instead, it would appropriate for him to innovate a different political theory to help Jagan, if his intention is to teach CBN a lesson rather than forge clandestine deals with Jagan and giving an opportunity for a seasoned politician like CBN to float counter-conspiracy theories to construct a formidable emotional narrative as a smoke screen to cover his failures.

But, Jagan Chose his politcs by conniving with KCR, ignoring its consequences.

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