Has CBN's Propaganda Of Fear Paid Off?
Amaravati: There are two kinds of fears: rational and irrational- "fears that make sense and fears that don't".

The state of AP voted on Thursday for both Assembly and LS seats jointly. 

The results are expected on May 23.

After weeks of campaigning and commentary, voters finally headed to the booths to deliver the real verdict (though there are still 42 days to go before we find out what that is).

If the trends are to be believed  the opposition  YSRCP appeared to be celebrating on 23 May 2019

Several opinion polls published in the days before voting started all predict that the YSRCP would be comfortably ahead of the TDP, even if some of them like Andhrajyothi did predict an entirely opposite scenario under the guise of publishing the survey held by a reputed agency.

The mood of the voter on the ground appeared that he  voted against CBN.

The voices of voters  in some places suggested much more vocal criticism of CBN than in the early years of his tenure, manifesting that the voter had rejected CBN and his claims of "If not me, who else" or Beware of Rayalaseema Hired Goondas, to protect the interests of Andhras.

But there is one data point that has given pollster a clear cut idea to predict a YSRCP victory as a foregone conclusion.

It’s neither from opinion polls nor from the voices of the people. 

It’s the CBN's behaviour and the campaign or shall we say Propaganda he attempted to build in the run up to the polls.

The surveys and reporting  of both Andhrajyothi and Eenadu and other CBN's supportive media predicted  suggested that CBN would retain power comfortably.

So why did CBN appear to be so jittery?

What was that desperation that forced him to take a recourse to build a propaganda narrative of Fear of Rayalaseema Hired Goondas , instead of asking the voter on his performance?

To some observers,  CBN seemed a bit desperate. 

They cite his unusual effort to create a fear propaganda  than build a narrative  of vote for for "My performance".

His  entire campaign supported by the so called Yellow Media and Pawan Kalyan the "Self-styled Jana Senani"  centered around an "imaginary fear" speeches  invoking Rayalaseema Hired Goondas, conspiracy of Anti-Andhra forces to appeal for votes, and misuse of EC by the trio of Modi-KCR- Jagan.

It seems as if CBN scrambled to produce something different to his usual style of campaign, as he seemed to believe that he would become an Ex-CM, post 23 May 2019.

One answer could be that CBN, noticing his predicament, went in for the kill, hoping that such a propaganda  of Fear would help him to convince the people to vote for him.

After five years of availing his time on rhetoric of "Fantasy of  building a capital  that would  be a replica of Mahismathi" of Raja Mouli's " Bahubali",  CBN had no coherent campaign to appeal to the voters on why should they give him another chance at rule over thier fates, but has taken to recourse to “Cheap Propaganda of Fear”.

It appears that a total dependence upon such “Cheap propaganda”, instead of his achievements  boomeranged on CBN.

Eventually, the results will tell us whether his propaganda of Fear paid off. 

But, to say that CBN resorted to inject a fear that is both irrational and made no sense, among the voters, may not be an irrational statement.

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