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Pence take oath as Vice President of the US
Republican Mike Pence was on Friday sworn in Vice President of the US here at the Capitol
 [13 hrs ago]
Trump launches the world on an uncharted journey
Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States under a cloud - literal and metaphorical - on Friday, launching the
 [14 hrs ago]
'America First', Trump declares in challenge to world
Donald Trump began his presidency on Friday with a challenge to the world, declaring "From this forward it is going to be only America first"
 [15 hrs ago]
Trump promises to 'work hard' for the American people
Donald Trump pledged unity and promised a change that America has not seen in decades, as he spoke in front of a crowd
 [19 hrs ago]
In final press conference, Obama reflects on time in office
Barack Obama addressed his final press conference as President of the US on Wednesday, two days before
 [1 day ago]
Obama commutes prison sentence for Chelsea Manning
Outgoing President Barack Obama has commuted the majority of the remaining prison sentence of Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning
 [2 day ago]
Satya Nadella not nervous of Trump
US President-elect Donald Trump does not make India-born Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella nervous, and he is confident
 [4 day ago]
Real Baahubali...just read!
Here is a story of real Baahubali. This Pakistani wrestler weighs a whopping 960 pounds. But that does not make him a man in
 [5 day ago]
Lady prisoners, drinks, cocaine, fun..!!
How could jails allow parties like this? The incident which occurred in north Brazil's Cuerado jail wherein women inmates
 [5 day ago]
Protest in Washington ahead of Trump's inauguration
Thousands of demonstrators gathered here on Saturday to protest against the xenophobic rhetoric and immigration policies
 [6 day ago]
Trump times: Bull and the bully pulpit
They dumped a load of bull on him and he bulldozed them with some from a bully pulpit that would be truly his own in six days
 [6 day ago]
Another 'mastermind' of Dhaka cafe attack arrested
Bangladesh Police on Saturday claimed to have arrested Neo-JMB terrorist Jahangir Alam, one of the key figures behind the
 [6 day ago]
Obama thanks NASA for carrying his signature to Mars
Although US President Barack Obama is set to leave office in less than a week, his signature will stand testimony on
 [6 day ago]
Musharraf wants 'foolproof security'
Former President Pervez Musharraf on Friday filed an application in an anti-terrorism court in Islamabad seeking "foolproof security"
 [7 day ago]
Trump raises business issues that could impact India
In his first media conference as President-elect, Donald Trump, without naming any country in particular, laid bare his views on the US
 [8 day ago]
Prioritising job creation, Trump targets pharmas
President-elect Donald Trump has announced that creating jobs would be the cornerstone of his presidency and took aim at the
 [9 day ago]
Obama's Farewell makes wife, daughter teary...!
During his farewell speech, President Barack Obama thanked every one by name. But the most poignant moments of his speech came
 [10 day ago]
Barack Obama gets new job offer
Barack Obama ends his eight-year tenure as US President in a couple of weeks but he might not be out of a job for long
 [10 day ago]
Hollywood bids farewell to Obama at White House
Hollywood celebrities like Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks attended the farewell party thrown by outgoing
 [12 day ago]
Forgetful man remembers about treasure!
Forgetfulness is a bad disease, especially if a person loses treasure because of it, then there can't be anythings worse than that.
 [13 day ago]
Mr World 2016 Rohit Khandelwal hopes to meet US President
IPL experience helped me bowl death overs
One more woman succumbs to Swine Flu in Hyd
KCR move for 12% quota to Muslims will hit BCs
Jagan won’t become CM ever
Centre nod to Jallikattu ordinance
Pence take oath as Vice President of the US
Cash flow to normalise soon: Urjit Patel
Dhawan in hospital
12 school children killed in UP accident
2nd ODI: Yuvraj, Dhoni steer India to series-clinching win
In final press conference, Obama reflects on time in office
Trainee SI ends life at CISF centre
TS offers to create industrial park for S.Korean firms
Panneerselvam seeks ordinance on Jallikattu
Mahesh and I are good friends: Leander Paes
Tribunal orders attachment of Mallya's property
Surekha seeks pension for Eunuchs
CM agrees to give Rs 5 lakh to Sathwik kin
A third of adults with asthma may not have it
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