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White House delays release of new travel order
The White House announced that it was is delaying the release of a revised executive order on travel and refugees until next week, an official said.
 [2 day ago]
Trump set to issue new travel ban order
The Trump administration is considering dropping an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees in a revised executive order on immigration
 [3 day ago]
Ye Bik Gayi Hai Gormint
Social media memes are funny, trolls and thought provoking too. Meme creators take a strange catch out of nowhere to deliver
 [4 day ago]
Trump fights ethics law, son-in-law abides by it for job
The Trump administration has struggled with ethics vetting for Cabinet nominees and faced criticism for the President's decision
 [4 day ago]
Trump trolled on Twitter for garbled remarks
US President Donald Trump was trolled on Twitter for his garbled remarks that something terrible had happened in Sweden last
 [5 day ago]
New US entry bar order will likely exempt green-card holders
US President Donald Trumps revised executive order temporarily barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from
 [5 day ago]
Americans want Democrats to work with Trump
A strong majority of Americans has said that Democrats should look to cooperate with President Donald Trump to strike deals
 [5 day ago]
Trump time: Fake news, real leaks & a surreal show!
Donald Trump had been forced to fire his top security adviser. One of his cabinet picks had withdrawn due to opposition
 [6 day ago]
Obama ranks 12th best leader in US presidential history
Barack Obama ranks as the 12th best leader in US presidential history, according to a new survey.
The survey of 91 presidential historians
 [6 day ago]
Trump calls 5 media organisations 'enemy of American people'
US President Donald Trump on Friday slammed the country's five major media organisations by calling it "the enemy of the American people".
 [7 day ago]
Will issue new executive order on immigration
US President Trump has said he will issue a new executive order on immigration by next week.
 [7 day ago]
Australia's Church paid $213mn to abuse victims
The Australian Catholic Church has paid $213 million to victims of s3xual abuse since 1980, an inquiry heard on Thursday
 [8 day ago]
Current political situation stressing Americans
More than half of Americans 57 per cent have that the current political situation is a "very" or "somewhat" significant source
 [8 day ago]
I like Pamela Anderson, says Wikileaks founder
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has opened up about his rumoured romance with actress Pamela Anderson,
 [9 day ago]
H1-B visas help make US firms globally competitive
With a private member's bill being introduced in the US Congress that seeks to fix the minimum salary of H1-B visa holders at $130,000,
 [10 day ago]
Dam break threat, 1.3 lakh people on evacuation
The hazard at Lake Oroville Dam has sparked off panic in US. Government ordered for evacuations with fears of flood
 [12 day ago]
Torrent of replies to Trump tweets cause Twitter's tumble
US President Donald Trump's tweets generate such a massive public engagement and responses that Twitter cannot handle them
 [12 day ago]
US court rules against reinstating Trump's travel ban
A federal appeals panel unanimously rejected US President Donald Trump's bid to reinstate his temporary ban on citizens
 [14 day ago]
US visitors may have to hand over social media passwords!
If you are planning a visit to the US, you could be asked to hand over Facebook and other social media passwords as part of an
 [15 day ago]
Ivanka Trump reportedly stepped down as Murdoch trustee
US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka has reportedly stepped down as a trustee for a fortune set aside for the daughters
 [15 day ago]
Congress will dethrone KCR govt
KCR has let down Telangana youth
Now KCR presents gold moustache to Veerabhadra Swamy
A 12yo killed his grandpa, the reason is shocking!
Smith, O'Keefe put Aus 298 runs ahead of India at stumps
A fasting diet may help to reverse diabetes
Palaniswami plants sapling to mark Jayalalithaa birthday
CBN saddened by Indian's killing in US
WhatsApp's new 'Status' feature available to all
Komati says KCR won’t get Lord Balaji’s blessings
MIM bags two wards in BMC elections
TTDP seeks CID probe into irregularities in Bodhan
Harish responds to Revanth plea
Just because mobile was faulty???
Kodandaram, Suman make counter claims on Unemployment Rally
Amaravati to be best city of century: Experts
Columnist gets heavily trolled, but we like it!
Bharti Airtel to buy out Telenor India
White House delays release of new travel order
Gujarat Gadhe remark gets KaSaB reply
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