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US makes H-1B visa approval tougher for 3rd-party worksites
In a move that is likely to hit Indian IT firms and their employees, the Trump administration has announced a new measure
 [4 hrs ago]
Killed by her headphones
17-Year-old Louiza Pinheiro dies after headphones blasted and melted in her ears. This incident could send shivers down the spine
 [1 day ago]
New York tops list of America's dirtiest cities
New York is the dirtiest city, with more pests and litter than any place else in the US, according to a review of government
 [1 day ago]
Trudeaus offer prayers at Golden Temple, perform 'sewa'
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accompanied by his wife and two children, offered prayers at the Golden Temple on
 [2 day ago]
Trump slams Oprah, challenges her for 2020 run
US President Donald Trump has slammed Oprah Winfrey as "very insecure", saying he hopes to see her run for President in 2020
 [4 day ago]
Trump visits shooting survivors in Florida hospital
US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited a hospital in Florida where the survivors of this week's school
 [6 day ago]
Iranian President calls for unity among Muslims
With a call for unity among Muslims across the world and the announcement of his readiness to simplify visa procedure
 [6 day ago]
India living example of co-existence
Citing India as a living example of peaceful co-existence of people of different religious and ethnicities, Iranian President
 [7 day ago]
South African President Jacob Zuma resigns
South African President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday resigned from his office with immediate effect making the
 [8 day ago]
Trump's lawyer 'paid $130K to p0rn star linked to President'
A long-time personal lawyer of US President Donald Trump has said that he paid $130,000 out of his own pocket
 [9 day ago]
US Senate begins rare open debate on immigration
With the fate of hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants in the balance, the US Senate
 [10 day ago]
Russian plane crash kills all 71 on board
A Russian passenger plane with 71 passengers and crew on board crashed in Moscow region on Sunday, killing everyone
 [11 day ago]
US Senate votes to re-open the government
The US Senate on Friday approved a two-year budget deal that would re-open the federal government, sending the plan
 [14 day ago]
She was drugged and kidnapped to sell off as s3x slave!
Some kidnappers tried to sell off a 21-year-old British Model as
 [14 day ago]
Maldives President declares 15-day state of emergency
Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen on Monday declared a state of emergency amid the political crisis in the country.
 [17 day ago]
They're not Dreamers, don't fall into that trap
US President Donald Trump has insisted in remarks before Republican lawmakers that the young undocumented foreigners who
 [21 day ago]
Fidel Castro's son commits suicide
The 68-year-old son of Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, Fidel Angel Castro Diaz-Balart, has died in Havana after taking
 [21 day ago]
Ghoomer dance by US cheerleaders!
There have been so many violent protests to stop Padmaavat movie. In fact when a school annual day had showcased Ghoomer
 [23 day ago]
Trump calls for 'merit-based' immigration
US President Donald Trump has called on the Congress to come together to enact sweeping immigration reforms
 [23 day ago]
Method in his madness:Trump is having his way on most issues
His supporters may be a "basket of deplorables", as presidential rival Hillary Clinton suggested on the campaign trail,
 [25 day ago]
KCR to form Telangana Rashtra Rythu Samanvaya Samithi
Kodandaram in Delhi for registration of his party
Congress bus yatra will expose TRS Govt's failure
Damodar opposes Nagam entry into Congress
Modi wrecking vengeance on AP
Koti Women’s College to be varsity this academic year
IVR Krishna Rao sacked as AP Archakas Fund Trust chief
New York tops list of America's dirtiest cities
Proteas beat India in 2nd T20I
Jana Terms TRS Govt as inefficient one
BJP Slipped its word on Categorisation of SC Reservations
Wipro to set up its unit at Maheshwaram
Trudeaus offer prayers at Golden Temple, perform 'sewa'
AI can help fight spread of TB in India
Maternal depression continues to impact life-long
People with heavy thighs unlikely to become diabetic
Chandrababu Trying to Fool People
TDP’s Main Agenda is to Get Benefits of SCS to the State
KCR hesitating to fight Modi on Muslim quota
Apple releases fix for Telugu bug that crashes iPhones
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