Dinesh Karthik dating Dipika?
Dinesh Karthik has been dating, yes the humble and ‘I mind my business’ cricketer too has fallen prey to cupid that he has been going around with squash player Dipika Pallikal.

Reportedly Dinesh met Dipika at a Gym in Chennai. It was not a love at first sight kinds for these sports people but it seems they have gotten around well so soon. They were training under same fitness expert which means frequent hi’s and hello’s. How can cupid not struck them guys? Dinesh is divorced and Dipika, well eligible girl for marriage what else a reason needed for cupid to not influence the youngsters, sharing same profession?

It wasn’t long that friendship bloomed into love between the two. Fortunately, both are Chennai based and Dinesh’s family has currently relocated to Chennai. In fact, Dipika was a former Arjuna awardee and is ranked World No. 15 in squash. She also has a rare distinction of being in the top 10 in WSA rankings.

Sources say that Dipika’s company has influenced sulking Dinesh to regain to a form. He was also having a rough patch in his personal life with a divorce and it was Dipika who cheered her buddy and helped him recoup.

It is learnt that the families of two have given their consent for a nuptial knot which could be announced soon! Wish both Dinesh and Dipika fantastic careers and fabulous life together.

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